Since 1992, Perfumes etc. has driven positive change and innovation within the beauty industry. As we face new challenges, we must play our part in driving positive societal, ethical and environmental change.

Our sustainability platform, Beauty That Lasts, outlines our sustainability ambitions across our business, from sourcing our ingredients to innovating how we make and package our products.

Our strategy spans three pillars: People, Products and Planet. Each contains time-bound targets on issues that are important to our consumers, associates, partners and other stakeholders. As we work towards these targets over the coming years, we will report on our progress annually, holding ourselves to account and ensuring we deliver on our commitments.

Our sustainability ambitions provide a clear direction to guide us as we build sustainability into all areas of our business.
Our Ambitions
We have set targets across our value chain and beyond to help us build a better, more sustainable business, as well as a fairer society and a lasting legacy within the beauty industry.